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Ping G Le3 Ketsch G Putter 

Ping G Le3 Ketsch G Putter 


Callaway Ladies CB Graphite Wedge

Callaway Ladies CB Graphite Wedge
Ping G Le3 Irons

Ping G Le3 Irons


Ping G Le3 Irons


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Ping G Le3 Irons

Silvermere Says 

“The G Le3 women’s line features lightweight stainless-steel irons and a sand wedge designed for optimal performance. The irons offer increased ball speed and forgiveness with a lower CG, custom-engineered lofts, and high-density weights. The sand wedge combines modern design with machined grooves for confident sand shots. With the easy-to-swing ULT 250 shaft and comfortable Lamkin ST Soft Grip, these clubs deliver exceptional playability. Elevate your game with the G Le3 line’s precision and elegance..”


Continuing the success of previous generations of our women’s line, the G Le3 is designed as an iron/hybrid combo solution, allowing golfers to create the ideal set make-up with optimal gapping to help ensure success with every swing.

In the lightweight, stainless-steel irons, a lower CG and custom-engineered lofts produce more ball speed and measurable, predictable distance gains. Forgiveness is achieved through high-density heel and toe weights, which also allow for lighter swingweights and overall weight, making them easier to swing. The irons also benefit from a metal-wood-style face structure and a multi-material PurFlex cavity badge, contributing to more consistent face flexing along with a soft and pleasing feel and sound.

The G Le3 sand wedge relies on the proven design attributes of the iconic PING EYE2 sand wedge while ensuring a modern-day appeal. Its slimmer hosel, wider sole and more traditional head shape combined with fully machined grooves help take the fear out of one of the most intimidating shots in golf.


  • Lightweight, perimeter weighted 17-4 stainless steel heads (6-9, PW, UW, SW)
  • Multi-material PurFlex cavity badge promotes face flexing, improves feel and sound
  • High density heel and toe weights increase MOI for more forgiveness
  • New bounce profiles improve turf interaction and impact consistency to minimise shots that come up short
  • Hydropearl Chrome 2.0 finish
  • Machined grooves on PW, UW, SW (loft # indicated on toe)
  • EYE2-style sand wedge designed for confidence from the sand
  • Easy-to-swing ultralight ULT 250 shaft in two flexes: L-flex (7i = 52g), UL-flex (7i = 45g)
  • Lighter Lamkin ST Soft Grip in two sizes: aqua (-1/64″) and red (-1/32″)

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