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Callaway ERC Soft 23 Yellow Triple Track Dozen Golf Balls


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Taylormade Tour Response Stripe Golf Balls

Rawspeed Swing Trainer 43″


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Rawspeed Swing Trainer 43″

The Rawspeed Golf training aid is designed to improve your swing speed while providing a core muscle workout. This increases performance and improves sequencing in the golf swing to give extra distance off the tee.

For every 1mph increase in speed a golfer gains 2yards of distance. The average male golfer has a swing speed of between 80-95mph. A Tour pro is usually between 115-130mph. And Long drive champs all the way to 150mph!

That means that the average golfer has a lot of potential to add some serious distance to their game!

Not only does having more yardage in your game bring a feel good factor, it also means better approach shots to the greens and improved scores that ultimately leads to a lower golf handicap.

By using our bespoke training club (UK patent pending) with interchangeable weights adapter and following our unique training and exercise programme golfers could gain 20 yards or more of distance.

This follows proven methods used in athletic sports to improve performance through Overspeed training. We estimate after only 6-8 weeks of training for 10 minutes, 3 times a week an average of up to 8% increase in swing speed.

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